Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ghosts of the Past

Another Outlook reminder popped up on my screen this morning. Wasn't mine; Apparently Katie and Chris got married a few years ago. I have no connection with these people except through my predecessor who passed away earlier this year. It's an awkward sort of thing to be reminded of someone else's life especially one that you had no part of.

I keep that data around because every so often there's something we need from it. So I continue to get a little reminder now and again of his life.

This isn't a new thing - +Chris Dancy has spoken quite a bit about what happens after our physical presence shuffles off but our digital persona continues to live on. My dad passed away just over 2 years ago and his digital, postal, and financial identities still interact with me on a regular basis. These interactions sometimes press upon you like a haunting. It's something like those social media interactions that feel more like an assault than a social exchange. You're not prepared for it as they come out of the blue.

The lesson I take from all of this is to take a more mindful approach to what I do digitally. From code comments to Facebook posts, the data you produce can improve life for those you leave behind or tear them down. It's not just a legacy, it's the YOU that you create to interact with everyone for a very long time.

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