Friday, March 13, 2015

Putting The World Back Into Perspective

Lately I've been put in a few roles that create a huge amount of anxiety and stress for me. The stress levels are off the charts and it's not really agreeing with me. This morning was a lump of upset stomach and worry as I was driving my kids to school...thinking about all the things looming over me. Then my 5-year-old pipes up from the back seat:

"Dad, I'm scared of war."

"Really? What are you scared about?"

"People die in wars. Does everyone die in a war?"

"No, not everyone in a war dies, but sometimes many people do."

"Is there a way to un-sign up?"

"What do you mean kiddo?"

"Is there a way to un-sign up for the army?"

"Well, yes, sort of. You're ok buddy. There's no war right now and you're safe. Let's talk about this more tonight."

I helped him get his backpack on, said 'I love you', and waved good bye as he and his brother jogged up the sidewalk to school. Wow.

Sitting back down in my car, my mind raced to figure out what just happened. He's a squirrely kid who can't find his way to door to get ready because he can't focus on the next task. Where did that conversation come from?

Then it hit me - If that's what he's worried about what right do I have to be anxious about the things I'm doing? The worst that could happen is I fail. Big picture that's pretty minor.

I'm old enough I'll likely never be called up to go to war. We live in a country that is still very safe, stable and unlikely to be invaded. Could my children be drafted some day? Who knows? It's happened before and it's been talked about in my lifetime. It's painful to think that the threat of war is real enough that a 5-yr-old who has no danger or unrest in his life is thinking about it and worried.

I guess I needed the world put back into perspective for me this morning.

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