Friday, October 24, 2014

Marketing Recipient ROI

I just got a marketing email from a company that wants me to attend this or that function to join a roundtable discussion about an issue facing the industry I'm in. It sounds interesting, and I'd love to have industry peers to talk with about it.

They also try to entice my participation by hosting the event at a big chain steak house in the Twin Cities metro. Hmmm, free food does tend to get my attention.

But then my inner nerd gets the calculator out and starts to do a cost/benefit calculation.

96 miles to the destination, so a 192 mile round-trip. My car gets around 28 mpg so this trip is going to take 6.86 gallons of gas and looking down the street gas is at $3.09/ga. This trip is going to cost me $21.20 in gas not to mention the over 4 hours I'll spend in the car. Assuming my time is worth a paltry $15/hr that's another $60.

So $81.20 for me to get a free steak and hear some people jaw.

The local steak joint ( serves up a pretty tasty steak. My math says I can take my sweetheart out to get a couple of ginormous ribeyes and a bottle of wine AND still come in at under $80 before tip.

So now I guess if I don't go I'll need to arrange for a babysitter to take my sweetie out for a date. Let's see...where's that phone number for the sitter?

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