Monday, September 15, 2014

LG G3 Review

I recently updated to an LG G3 phone. It's good. It's a very nice smartphone. Like any device it's got pros and cons. I would say, for the most part, it is the nicest smartphone I've had to date.

Some points about the G3:


This is the first Android phone for me that has a good balance between performance and battery life. It's not quite Droid Maxx or iPhone level battery life but I consistently have 30% or more left on the battery by the end of the day.


Good grief this thing is huge. Beautiful screen and all that but, sheesh! Phablet indeed! It's just too big and I think Apple made a huge mistake following suit making a giant phone. If you need a smartphone this big I believe you need to re-evaluate your life. It's nuts.


LG keeps it simple. Not a lot of useless customizations. I like that. Some things are nice additions like the knock on screen to turn it on. Since the power and volume rocker buttons are in the unusual position on the back of the device it's nice to have that feature. Simple = good.


Yup. Power and volume buttons are on the back. Not a terrible thing but certainly requires some getting used to. Because of the size I kind of appreciate this redesign.


Good camera. I thought I might be disappointed after having the Samsung Galaxy S3 experience but it performs well. Can't say the laser focus system does anything special for me. One quirk I've found is that doing a scan to PDF in Google Drive doesn't play well with the laser focus. You hit the shutter button and nothing happens. My solution is to wave my hand between the camera and the paper to trigger the phone to refocus. The picture happens immediately after your hand is out of the frame. Besides that it works fine.


Did I mention this thing is huge? It's hella huge. If that's what you like then you won't be disappointed. I'd rather go back to the Galaxy S3 size or better yet, about the size of my old HTC Touch. That was a good smartphone size!


The only thing that matters is battery life. The LG G3 has that. I rule that this is a fine phone (phablet - it's just way big.)

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