Tuesday, June 10, 2014

IT Needs to Prove Its Value

A required IT class ought to be "How to Measure and Demonstrate Organizational Value - 101". Either that or IT departments need to take whatever training lawyers get on billing. We constantly hear that IT is too expensive, slow, restrictive, so on and so forth. As a result businesses decide to toss everything in the cloud and rely on 3rd party vendors because they get sold on the idea it's cheaper and more flexible. Shadow IT.

Truth is, IT is just really, really bad at demonstrating its value. In some businesses IT has worked hard at it using service catalogs or billing back to other departments. When real money changes hands it seems to get peoples' attention. Problem is that much of the value of IT is intangible. As stewards of the data (every business' most valuable asset) and one of the departments with a unique view of the entire organization to support it is hard to communicate what that value is.

Find your value, measure it, preach it. If you don't, the value assumed will be zero. Game over.

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