Friday, January 31, 2014

Evernote Notebook Review

Giving away an Evernote notebook for Christmas really cemented my want for one myself. I'd been on the fence about it for a while - I've become an avid note taker as I take on more projects both at work and in my personal life. When you take a lot of notes you realize the difference good paper and good pens make. Why suffer the indignity of rotten quality when good equipment is only a slightly larger investment? I'd been using a slightly generic log book that was a good fit for carrying around yet taking more lengthy notes.

The paper is of good quality. Not premium but certainly not cheap. The book is extremely sturdy and despite its paper cover has worn quite well. I was most of the way through the notebook when the Evernote bug hit me and I pulled the trigger.

The Evernote notebook is a nice Moleskine product. Like all Moleskine notebooks you get a pliable binding, good paper and overall a nicely finished product. I like the ribbon bookmark but could probably do without the elastic band to hold it shut.

What makes this an "Evernote" Moleskine though is the inclusion of 3 months of premium Evernote subscription and some stickers you can place on your pages. The stickers are supposed to work with the Evernote app's page camera to automatically file your digitally captured pages away in the assigned Evernote notebooks and add the appropriate tags. The stickers are stored in a pocket in the back of the notebook. In theory this is a nice idea but in practice it doesn't seem that reliable. I'll need to work with it some more to verify whether it's user error or design fault.

The 3 months of premium Evernote subscription is what makes this notebook a good value. If you consider that a month of Evernote is $5, then you can essentially subtract $15 off the price of the notebook. After taking that into account I'm basically paying the same price I paid for the GSA style notebook for a fancy Moleskine. That's a nice deal.

I'll keep using it. I might even buy another one if I can keep re-upping my premium Evernote account that way. I like the Moleskine quality and it feels nice when I'm writing in it.

I won't, however, get any hipster cred for the Evernote Moleskine like I did with the plain, beat up GSA log book.

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