Friday, November 1, 2013

SaaO or Service as an Opportunity

Let's bring it down for just a little bit. Many people who read my stuff are big into IT service and specifically IT Service Management. Let's talk a little about the service thing a little here. We all know it's important, but why service? Why did you choose to be in service?

I just went through a staff meeting where the topic was change. The employee assistance program folks were talking about how to deal with change and how the grieving process applies to our coping with change. Almost every change scenario they discussed involved an information system of some sort. As the IT guy in the room it felt uncomfortably targeted. If Information Systems causes this much grief why did any of us get into it?!

Service is really important. There's a service component in many belief systems or religions. We have service to country, serving as board member, public service. A high value is often placed on service.

A friend who's active with youth in a faith setting posted a Halloween message on Facebook with "A chance to serve" by trick or treating for donations to the local food shelf. I loved the excitement in the post - It was a chance to have fun and contribute to a service that is very needed in the community. Double the reward.

That's just it: Every chance to serve is an opportunity - an opportunity to have an impact on another person. Many people go into IT because they're "good with computers" or they're the super technical types. There's certainly a place for that. What's really needed, however, is people that come into IT because they're good with people. IT is really about the people first, technology second and when you understand the impact you can have on people through your service...well, that's when the magic starts to happen.

When that user calls for the umpteenth time about an issue I'm completely sick of I think of the opportunity I have. We're doing IT to serve.

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