Thursday, May 23, 2013

You Don't Like the Password Policy, Eh?

I was taking a CPR refresher course at work this evening and the instructor started going over using an AED. He had grabbed the one that we have in our building to show us the different parts. As he pulled out the actual defibrillator and explained how to turn it on one of our employees quipped:

"So we don't need to put in a password? Great, because if we did we'd never get in!"

This was met with quite a lot of agreement around the room.

"Passwords, yeah!"
"Can't stand having to change them all the time!"

Yup. Guess I'll move that project a few notches up the priority list.

Beside the auditors, who likes passwords? No one, that's who! I'd rather you didn't have one because then you won't call me asking me to reset it for you after you forgot it.

It's important to always be working to find ways to listen to your co-workers. There's many issues simmering below the surface and unless you build rapport between departments and people you'll never hear about them. Not all the issues are technical either! I've found that people generally put up with things unless it so adversely affects them they can't perform their job.

All these things that you don't hear about have a negative effect and impact the way IT is perceived in the organization. It's public relations!

If we want to aspire to the Information part of IT as much as the Technology part we need to pay attention to what our co-workers in other departments are saying.

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