Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Satisfaction In A Job Well Done

I ran across a tweet from one of the local newspapers:

Clicked and and saw that they're still using the SSRS report I made a while back to export the data to a nice format and email out in an automated fashion. There's also some other reports out there that they use for similar reports and at least one other agency using the same records software uses the same reports I created.

It was a simple job for the most part (once I taught myself the schema to a completely undocumented set of databases, no primary keys, and a spaghetti mess of relationships) but I tried to make it as nice as possible and easy to reuse. I'm sure a real developer could've done a better job but I doubt anyone would've been willing to pay the money.

There's a lot of satisfaction in a job well done. Especially because, since it was work in public sector, it benefits a lot of people and helps improve transparency.

Remember kids: If you're looking for a job straight out of college and are looking to maximize your impact, seriously consider a job in local government. You won't make a lot of money, but if you work hard you can make a big impact in a positive way.

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