Monday, April 1, 2013

Springtime In The Computer Room

All those expensive servers and switches in that computer room, remember those? We all know that we only go in there to push power buttons from time to time. Maybe run a new patch cable. Have you gone in to check the temperature lately?

In the northern parts of the US, at least, warm weather is still on its way so its not too late to check your A/C. If you're at a new job and you haven't learned where the filters are and who typically does maintenance now's the time to figure that out.

I was putting a filter in a pass-through grate the other day and while I was on a ladder I noticed that the head unit on one of our A/C systems had a door. I opened it up and found this:

Those filters don't look so good. Let's take a vacuum to that.

Ugh. That's just terrible.

Much better! That would explain why the airflow was so rotten. I'll be adding that to my quarterly checklist.

So remember kids, buildings are filthy. The world doesn't like your technology and is actively working to destroy it. Be proactive and practice good computer room hygiene.

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