Thursday, March 21, 2013

P2V Server 2008r2 VMware Unable to Update boot.ini

There's not much documentation out there on this so I figured I better do my part and blog the solution so you don't have to pull your hair out like I did.

If you are trying to P2V or V2V Server 2008r2 with VMware vCenter Converter Standalone and you get this dreaded error don't worry. Turns out its a simple fix.


  • P2V/V2V conversion fails at 95-98%
  • New VM in vCenter is not bootable
  • Booting VM to install media to do a repair yields no visibly installed OS
  • Errors include: Warning: Unable to update boot.ini, Error: An error occurred during reconfiguration
  • Convert logs show: Unexpected Exception: converter.fault.ReconfigurationNoSystemVolumeFault
The problem, it turns out, is that the system reserved partition is not online. (VM KB2008012)

The fix is to online the System Reserved partition:
At the command prompt for the machine you are trying to convert
c:\Diskpart> List volume
c:\Diskpart> Select volume 1

Make sure the volume you select is the 100MB system partition. Dead give away is that it is offline.

c:\Diskpart> Online volume
c:\Diskpart> exit

This should bring the System Reserved volume online and now the conversion should work properly.

As a side note, after the conversion you may want to double check that the System Reserved partition is marked to be online at boot (See this Symantec article). You can do this by running this command before you exit diskpart in the above instructions: c:\Diskpart> automount enable

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