Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Change From Within

What does change from within look like? It seems to me that many organizations never experience that type of change. That seems to indicate that IT maybe isn't that influential or transformative to most organizations. Maybe our influence has waned after the initial shock of introducing technology into the business world. Perhaps we've assimilated too well for our own careers.

Whatever the reason for the lack of IT driven change I'm excited for it myself. The opportunities available for IT to transform the way we do business are so huge I can't wait to start!

So what does change from within driven by IT look like? Positive change, that is. We've seen and produced plenty of negative change.

Once you've solved the big problems in the server room the next step is to look at what's going on outside of IT. That's where technologists seem to fall on their face. Once you need to look outside of the IT Department we seem to get all awkward and nervous. IT is a unique department in that it is involved in every aspect of a business from building maintenance, to sales, to boardroom, etc. We have a broad viewpoint of the whole organization and it is time to utilize that knowledge and experience to help the business.

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