Thursday, February 21, 2013

Being Conscientious

Had a brief discussion today regarding service interactions and how we look at them. We're trying out a new observation tool that is essentially a self-evaluation form to be filled out after a service incident. Due to illnesses last week I was out of the office more than in and didn't have many service opportunities except the quick 'can you reset my password' type. To me it seemed a little silly to fill out this big form for a conversation that took 30 seconds but I was encouraged to do it anyway.

The point was this: It is important to be conscientious. Every interaction you have, whether insignificant or life changing, has the possibility of making someone's job or day better. You need to be just as aware of how you treat people and how you interact with them during the brief contacts as you do the 1-hr support sessions.

We interact with so many people so briefly in the course of our day its easy to get into assembly line mode and just do our small part and get on to the next.

Like I've heard many people tweet from #Pink13 this year - The person on the other end of the phone/IM window/email/interplanetary portal/etc is the most import focus of your job at that moment, one support session at a time. Its more than good support, its being a good human.

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