Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Neural Networks

Since I'm a systems sort of guy it tends to flavor my thinking on topics. A challenge posed in the Back2ITSM group on G+ brought me back to an artificial intelligence course from college. Only, now with a few years separating me from it I realized AI is "us".

If we designed all our technology tools and information storage around the idea that it is a data storage pool with the purpose of warehousing data until it can be uploaded to the next neural network (someone else) how would that change the way we create technology? We still haven't built computer systems more powerful than the human brain, and even if we had we're still held back by lousy operating systems. The billions of neural networks walking around the Earth are specially built to ingest data, spot trends and patterns, and make creative decisions based on its analysis.

Sure, initializing a bunch of these neural nets takes years. But once you've got them to a certain state they're practically self programming!

I think that's the real beauty of the "social" web. Its the start of a massive neural net interface beyond what the internet started years ago. Now we need to focus on the data storage and data upload problems.

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