Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pulling Words Out of the Air

I finally had some time today to pause and realize there were thoughts and ideas in my head that I hadn't heard because of my hectic life lately. Problem is, though so many of them are blog-worthy and have enough merit to be fleshed out in more detail, I lose most of them quickly.

A few people I know keep notebooks on their person. In a way, I do as well with my smartphone. Unfortunately, using a smartphone in many contexts is frowned upon. Use your phone in church and everyone assumes you're surfing or texting. Take out a notebook and start writing and everyone assumes you're paying close attention. You might even get kudos for being "so attentive and taking notes."

So I think I'm going to give a notebook a try. No harm in that. Hopefully I'll find some things to write about.


  1. Great post Nate Beran, I feel the same way - especially in church, I get a lot of religious writing ideas there and can't whip it out. I'm planning to switch back to LiveScribe so I can bridge the gap.

    1. I suppose the next step is going full hipster with a messenger bag to hold everything. There isn't always a pocket free for a notebook. Not sure I'd want to carry a notebook in my pocket either...