Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Email Knowledgebase

At a recent @NUgeeks gathering we got on the topic about "Past" Aaron sending "Present" Aaron an email about how to do a task when a certain user emailed with a specific problem. Really, he had just searched his email archive where he had emailed the solution. There are, however, some support requests that you can almost set your calendar by.

This specific user will ask me exactly this question at this time of year because its the one time she fires up this software/device/whatever.

This made me think crazy thoughts.

How about this solution - create an automated email knowledgebase where "Past" you emails "Present" you with the answer automagically.

Create a rule in your email software for whenever a specific person emails you during a specific time of year about the Widget2000 device. When that condition is met, email yourself the instructions for creating the magical comma-delimited flat file with the special format that makes it work.

Saves you the trouble of sifting through all your email archive to find the answer. Automated knowledgebase search in a way.

Or you could just invest in a reasonable knowledge repository software. But I think the automatic email knowledgebase sounds kinda cool.

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