Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good on HP

I've been a fan of HP remarketed business equipment for a long time. Some of my family still use equipment I've helped them buy 6-7 years ago. Great stuff.

Recently a client asked me to help them buy a new laptop. I set them up with an HP ProBook 4530. I knew it was a nice unit but was really surprised when I got it on hand. There was a really neat design surprise.

My client had expressed interest in adding some more memory to the ProBook so I decided to look into how to do the install. Turned the notebook over and couldn't find any entry point into the chassis.

This of course got me interested. A quick Google search revealed the elegant answer.

First remove the battery

But then there's no obvious way in. But a quick push of the battery latches past the battery release point and surprise!

The entire bottom cover pops forward and lifts off. Nearly all the most frequently serviced parts were right there in the open: hard drive, memory, wireless nic, etc.

Very simple. It made me wish that this kind of design had been around 8 years ago when I was disassembling dozens of laptops each month.

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  1. More companies have to provide access to their most-usually-accessed parts and HP has been one of the worst in the past, happy to see them move to something like this. I recently upgraded the RAM on some HP laptops where I need to pull the keyboards off of each one of them. I just about threw the lot of 16 out the window.

    Probably why they stick IT workers in the basement.

    Apple has screws to get into their laptops, but when you pull off that bottom cover you can essentially get at everything. It is nice.