Friday, March 9, 2012

Apple Entering My Enterprise

Well, its happened. An Apple device is approved for use in my enterprise environment. It passed our compatibility testing with our remote access and now is on our list of approved (and recommended) devices.

Our users were busting down our doors asking for tablets. They still don't know what a tablet is for but I can see some usefulness for some business cases. When it came to deciding whether to recommend a specific Android device or the iPad my recommendation to my boss was the Apple device.

Basically it comes down the the fact that Apple offers ONE device. There's no surprises. Just the exact same device with more storage or different networking options. It just works, its simple, and the ease of use is undeniable.

People have been giving Apple accolades for ages for the "it just works" design. I think the real advantage to the enterprise is the uniformity and predictability of the product. No need to support a fragmented product line that changes daily. An iPad is an iPad. Simple.

Plus, with virtualization and application streaming who cares that its an Apple. Its just a delivery platform in the end.

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  1. This is where we are going. The important part is the data, the device you access it with is not as important (except for making it work well). I like it.

    If anything, the opportunity to really think hard about how we are handling endpoints and how we are managing clients is exciting.