Friday, February 3, 2012

Compensation IS Part of The Package

Listened to an employer lamenting their situation the other day. They were on their fourth posting for an IT job and were still having problems finding candidates. The person also mentioned that they had changed the job description a few times to try to attract more applications. Despite this there were few takers, let alone qualified ones.

While we listened another person leaned in from across the table and said, "Then why don't you offer more money?" Well, he could, but...

That's the problem there. So many organizations don't understand that unemployment in IT in the US is generally less than 1%. If you want qualified people you're going to need more than a nice job description and title. This is particularly true in public sector for a variety of reasons.

Apparently the CISO for Minnesota agrees with me to some extent.

While we're at it, maybe we should try to understand why qualified young workers are fleeing public employment in general (at least in Minnesota).


  1. Here here!

    It's sad to see them think that changing the description is going to change things that much. You'll get qualified people in for the interview and they'll see through the ruse right away.

    While money is only PART of the equation, it is the part that usually gets people into the door. The rest if what keeps them there.